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Dog Getting Groomed


Regular grooming is essential for many dogs and cats and can be done during any month of the year. Rochedale Veterinary Surgery offers specialised dog and cat grooming services to ensure your pet maintains healthy skin and mat-free fur. Our highly experienced groomers can cater to dogs of any size, shape and breed. Please feel free to bring in a photograph, or discuss the options with one of our grooming consultants.

Grooming is available on Mondays and Tuesdays. We are very lucky to have Courtney, one of the best dog groomers in the business working at our clinic. Dogs can arrive at our veterinary clinic as early as 8am and will be ready to return home by early afternoon, or if you would prefer we can phone you as soon as they are finished. The grooming is conducted in a secure part of the building by professional groomers so your pet will feel secure, and the process itself is carried out quickly so as to reduce any stress on your pet. As our dog grooming services are in such high demand, spaces are limited and bookings are essential.

Our professional dog grooming service includes:

Check out our range of available grooming services below.
Bookings can be made directly by calling 07 3341 3399

or by completing our Grooming Request Form.

Full Grooming


Being handled by a stranger can be a bit daunting, especially for young puppies. Our goal is to ensure that your pet’s grooming experience is stress-free and enjoyable. We really encourage your pup to become accustomed to the grooming procedures and also to the associated noises such as clippers and blow-driers as early as possible.

Our puppy grooming involves:

  • Nail trimming and feet handling

  • Brushing and combing

  • Clippers

  • Scissors to the face, feet and tail

  • Bathing

  • Blow drying

  • Resting in cages and playtime with our groomers

Washing the Dog


This is best used between full grooms to keep your pet looking fresh and clean. We recommend this just before and during winter as no length is taken off the coat. Lucky dogs are treated to our bath and blow dry package, with an additional hygiene clip and bottom trim. We scissor around the eyes and feet to keep them nice and clean. They receive a thorough brushing to make sure they have no knots and then some doggie cologne to complete their groom.



This is a very specific type of groom reserved for double coated breeds, such as Malamutes, Huskies, Border Collies, Retrievers, Pomeranians, or for any dog who is profusely malting! As this is quite a time consuming process we appreciate your patience with this type of appointment.

We start with a high powered blow dry and brush out, a lot of the excess dead hair is blown or brushed out and the dirt in the coat loosened. We then bath in a high pressure warm hydro-bath to remove all the dirt and loosen up the rest of the shedding coat. After their bath, they are sprayed with Paw Rose Aroma Grooming Mist which leaves their coat lovely and soft and this is also an excellent de-tangler.


They are then blow dried again to remove any moisture in their coat followed by a thorough brush out with a special strip brush designed to remove the undercoat without cutting the hair. After this is completed, there is the option for them to have an additional tidy up of their feet, groin and bottom (We will discuss this with you at your appointment). As this is such a complex treatment with a variety of factors, it is priced according to breed, coat type and time spent, so please feel free to ask our groomers for approximate pricing.


This is the deluxe package. Bath, blow dry, full clip/breed specific clip (feel free to bring in a picture of what you would like) with a hand scissored finish. This also includes our complimentary ear clean and nail trim. We bath and blow dry the dogs, brushing out the coat so it is knot-free. Then we clip off the hair to the length you have requested and to finish scissor the head, feet and legs to leave them looking perfect. The Full Groom is then finished with a stylish bow and cologne.



We offer Hydrobathing on Saturday mornings at our clinic. The Hydrobath pumps warm soapy water under pressure, giving a thorough clean. We only use premium shampoos that are best for your dog's coat and skin condition. Sensitive or medicated shampoos and flea baths are also available on request.

Ideal for pets with a short coat who need a freshen up. Your pet will receive a warm hydrobath, ear clean, and towel dry. 


We also groom cats! Brush outs, knot removal and lion clips are the most commonly requested grooms. As it is safer and less stressful for your cat we only groom them under sedation supervised by a vet and a vet nurse. Cats are known to wriggle and can run the risk of being nicked if not sedated. Cats clipped under sedation also get a complimentary nail trim if required and a thorough brush out.

Dog Blower
Cat Groom.jpg
Puppy Grooming
Face, feet, tail (FFT)
Strip out (de-shed)
Full Groom
Cat Grooming
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